About me

My name is Jonathan and I’m a Java developer from London. I’ve been in the industry since 2005 and have had a lot experience in different companies in the telecoms, motor, media and online gaming industries. I’ve also done many freelance projects mainly using PHP and building sites around content management systems.

My focus as a developer is to understand the customer and what their requirements are. I believe this is very important as the customer knows exactly what they want and it’s my job to convert that into a working system. In my experience I have learnt that the customer doesn’t always know what they want, it’s also my job to help and guide them to understanding what they want. I’ve worked on projects before where the customer has given very loose requirements, we’ve built the system and the customer rejects it. Although I’m a fan of iterative development I think it’s important to have a firm grip of requirements at the beginning.

I’ve been using a variety of different technologies throughout my career such as Java, Spring, Hibernate, JUnit, Ant, Maven, Tapestry, jQuery, Mockito, Wicket, Struts, PHP & MySQL. I have a thirst for learning new technologies and I pride myself on trying new things when they come out knowing how fast the industry moves on. A developer needs to move with the times and shouldn’t be left behind.

I have a strong ethos when it comes to testing, I practice test driven development where I write my tests first. This has taken many years to get used to but I hardly even write code unless it has tests written against it. It’s drastically improved the quality of my code and has helped to focus on what I’m actually coding. Sometimes it’s easy to start writing some code without knowing what it’s supposed to do, with this approach your tests document the requirements.